What is the Difference Between Made to Measure and Bespoke Garments?


For most of us, there are two types of suits one can buy, made to measure (MTM) or off the peg, which means the garments are made to standard sizes, and the term “bespoke” causes some confusion for a few, while most think it is another term for MTM. In fact, bespoke and MTM are indeed different, and here is a brief explanation.

Made to Measure Suits

Traditionally, the tailor would take a series of precise measurements, which would include the following:

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Shoulder
  • Outside Leg
  • Inside Leg
  • Upper leg width
  • Underarm to Waist

There might be some other essential measurements, but mainly, the above are always taken for a man’s suit. The actual creation of made to measure suits involves standardised patterns that are used in the tailor industry, which are finely adjusted to fit the wearer. MTM is not simply a question of cutting the cloth to the client’s sizes, and because of this, a perfect fit is not guaranteed.

Bespoke Garments

No standardised patterns are used at all in bespoke tailoring, and each time the tailor makes a garment, he creates a new pattern. This eliminates the possibility of any ill-fitting, and more than just measurements are taken into account, as the slope of the shoulder and the arch of the back are also factored into the cut. If ever a man needed a bespoke suit, it would be on his wedding day, and if you are in the market for Sydney wedding suits, there are online bespoke tailors that have a range of top quality fabrics that can be used to create the perfect fitting wedding suit, and they are prepared to spend the time looking at all of the options, as this is a very special day.

Multiple Fittings

Generally, a made to measure suit requires one final fitting, whereas bespoke creations demand 3 separate fittings. Each fitting is designed to further improve the fit, and this is the only way to be really sure you are looking your best, and whatever the occasion, you can certainly find other times when the suit will turn a few heads, so buying is always preferred over renting. In Sydney, for example, there is Bespoke Corner, who are one of the best wedding suit tailors in the country, and with their wide range of quality fabrics and style catalogues, you can be sure to look your very best.

No Limit on Options

Bespoke tailors will literally incorporate anything into the suit, and if you really want a unique look, all it takes is some imagination, and the tailor will do the rest. It is one thing to look smart, but to achieve this in a unique way really says something about a man. If you would like to know more about the subtle differences between MTM and bespoke suits, here is an interesting article that examines in detail how the two are different.

If you are about to get married, then a bespoke wedding suit will ensure you look your very best on what will be a memorable day.


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