What is a 10 Mukhi Rudraksha?


10 Mukhi Rudraksha falls into a rare category and is available in oval and round shapes. Lord Vishnu lends the power to this Rudraksha and according to Hindu mythology, he is consideredas Lord that operatethe universe and the whole earth is saved by him from various avatars. It is not ruled by a single planet and pacifies all the nine planets. This Rudraksha removes all earthly problems in life and provides you mental peace. You can wear it by tying it to a string, capping it in gold or silver and chanting the mantra. This Rudraksha can be worn by all who has a short temperament and are prone to theevil eye or black magic. It aids people who are nervous and want to achieve the right direction in life. Lord Vishnu is described as having four hands:

  • In the first hand, he holds a lotus
  • The Second hand has a conch
  • Third-hand holds a discus
  • Fourth hands spots a mace

Benefits of 10 face Rudraksha

  • Develops your behavioral skills
  • Provides relief from heart problems and improves your heart beat
  • Makes your business life efficiently
  • Eradicates all ill effects of black magic
  • Presents a window of opportunity to prosper in your life
  • Relief is providedfor diseases like insomnia, prolonged cough, and instability of mind
  • Timely solutions for court cases and legal matters
  • All the ill effects of nine planets are removed
  • Comfort and protection in your life are provided
  • The wearer of it is bestowed with immense concentration
  • It is strongly recommended that this Rudraksha should be worn on a Monday only

There are no restrictions on anyone wearing a Rudraksha. It is a natural product, and the main objective is to provide a wearer with positive energy. Opting for low-grade Rudraksha will not have any adverse effects, but you cannot expect any positive outcomes.  To derive maximum benefit from this Rudraksha, you need to wear it the correct way. Astrologers will guide you on how to undertake this process, and it is necessary to energize it before wearing it.

When you buy 10 mukhi rudraksha, you can be easily duped if your groundwork is not up to the mark. You need to have the services of a renowned astrologer or an online website that provides good quality Rudraksha. Certifications are the best mechanism to determine theauthenticity of a Rudraksha, and it can beindependentlycertified or a third party.  The reasons for it are that it is impossible for a common man to get accurate the credentials of a Rudraksha. In addition to this, it needs to be attuned to derive maximum benefits out of it.

To conclude, though Rudraksha is not associated with a single planet, it is suggested that you wear the right one to get the best benefits out of it. Currently, there are multi-faced Rudraksha available in the market, so you need to get your choice right and get the godly bead that can help you achieve dreams.


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