Wedding Fashion – Wedding Rings: Paired or Conventional?


Pair wedding rings or conventional choose for your wedding the newlyweds? And is it really so important to the very essence of the marriage ceremony? Perhaps these questions, as in many others in life, we do not find a clear answer.
Some would say that it is rather a tribute to wedding fashion, the temptation to wear on your arm exclusive beauty, made in the same style for the bride and groom. In fact conflicting doubts even among the coldest skeptic will disappear in an instant when he sees at least once a unique pair of wedding rings.
Fundamental and most characteristic difference of fashionable jewelery is to extract a single stylistic solutions for the ring of the bride and groom. Design of young people prefer to choose together, want opinions coincided, that every detail of the ring was pleasing to the eye. Such an approach is justified, because the ornament will be accompanied by a man and a woman in life for many years.
In jewelry stores can easily buy a pair of engraved rings, which are made enjoyable, but unfortunately, the standard label. In the standard, you can make a note of individuality. In the workshop of the engraver on the previously created sketch cause the desired label and pattern. A more complex version of the design – ring, made of several types of precious metals.
Popular combination of platinum and gold, as well as the gold of different colors (white, yellow, pink). Smooth paired rings, reserved refluent colorful hues of precious metals look great. These masterpieces are created by a unique lacquer coating technology inside surface of the ring.
There are people with genuine aesthetic preferences and the corresponding financial resources. For them, affordable splendor is no longer surprising. In this case, the pair rings jeweler ordered exclusively for manual work. Royal position on the rings is given, of course, diamonds. Size, unique ways to cut their combination with platinum, gold and rare metals generate clean water exclusive, which is worthy to be inherited from generation to generation.
Quality, confidentiality and personal approach to the creation of pair of wedding decorations ensures leading domestic manufacturers. Their rings with precious stones original inclusions in the “Lace Dance” Gold and platinum have always emphasized creativity, good taste and, no doubt, the high status of the groom. Wedding rings are presented for life. In any case, we sincerely want to believe it. But there are instances that are not experiencing the decades, for centuries.
They are called antiques. Those considered to be manufactured before the mid-20th century. Elapsed time ago. Here are the last 19, 18, 17 and even 16 th century. Then, too, gave engagement rings, paired as well. They are made by hand, making them the most personal and, from this, a unique jewelry masterpiece. Buy wedding paraphernalia such samples can be exclusively in antique shops or flea (“flea”) markets. In both cases – if you’re lucky. A lot of vintage rings in the vortex of our history forever, “uplylo” abroad, where they are now experiencing a boom in popularity among movie stars, politics, music and business. Antique rings are found in Art Deco style, at least in an Edwardian, Victorian and George. A professional always know the art deco by bold geometric forms, Edwardian – in platinum, diamonds and sapphires. Ring of Queen Victoria – it’s pearls, large diamonds, extensive use of stylized snakes, tails and intertwined hands. This is to be chic betrothal rings so young. The price is not even worth talking about – it is very serious.
Wedding Fashion Rings
This is understandable, because we are talking about the rarest instances. Wedding rings are highly symbolic. Symbol of marriage, men and women were on different fingers. The ring on the thumb says that its owner wants in a family of power and strength. On the ring worn by those who want to be surrounded by love. Think about it, and in fact we used to see a wedding ring on the ring finger is. You say, habit and tradition, which blindly follow? Probably. But how wonderful selection of finger spirituality characterizes the people of past generations! Rooted tradition of wearing the ring on her right hand introduced the Orthodox Church. “Here is my hand – the righteous right hand” – Marina Tsvetaeva wrote in one of his poems. Intelligent our ancestors were those distant, distant times … It was later settled in the minds of Gold, Diamonds and a lot of different myths of prejudice. The singer Beyonce Knowles wedding ring on her finger for $ 5 million, and many of our grandparents were not even copper. And it speaks only about the size of prosperity and a real opportunity to underline his status. Traditions at all surprised with the variety.
The Jews used instead of the ring gave the coin – a reference to the promise of a wife in the future, in many states in the U.S. have a wedding ring very very interesting status – it can not be confiscated even if the full owner of bankruptcy. This value is considered to be completely untouchable. By and large, the numbers had not decisively influenced by the number of true love and happiness. A ceremony at the origins of the unity of two people rings were mixed with the mysteries of religion, the desire to unite all its magic circle-way road. They are confused, fly over them doubt and anxiety, a time of joy and sadness often. But we need to go. “Do not worry, darling, I’m with you” – said before … Give Love to the ring …


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