Travel Umbrellas for People with Varying Priorities and Requirements


People buy a lot of accessories for use in travel, as it is. From vacation clothes to accessories like Umbrellas, you cannot afford to miss out certain stuffs while packing for a tour- long or short. In most vacations, you may need to use an umbrella- whether it is at a seaside resort or a mountain village. The truth is, your regular umbrella- used for commuting and similar needs may not be apt for a tour! Based on your priorities and needs, you have to buy the right umbrella.

Types of umbrellas for users with varying needs in travel

Below listed are the types of umbrella you can buy and use for vacations. Pick the Travel Umbrella that is apt for your needs.

  • Portable and lightweight- For some people, traveling with minimal bags and luggage is a priority. They just back stuffs in a single backpack or duffle bag and set out for destination. If you are among them, your model should be portable and light. While some such models are delicate in build, you can also find umbrellas that are small sized yet durable. Women usually prefer buying units that come with two or three fold mechanism.
  • Durable and rugged- For some travelers, using rugged travel accessories is very important, whether it is an umbrella or a cap. In fact, you will need to buy ruggedly built umbrellas if you are planning to travel to a place where high wind and storms are commonplace. The umbrellas built to cope with high wind have additional springs at joints and metal parts holding the canopy. While steel parts are durable, you can also buy those made with fiberglass parts.
  • Protection from sun- If you plan to enjoy a vacation with family in a tropical island yet have no wish to get sun burnt, using sun screen is not just enough. You need to use a suitable umbrella for saving skin from the UV rays. Buy an umbrella that has a UV protective coating on inner side of the canopy fabric.
  • Ease of usage- Are you the kind of person who prefers simplicity over high end facilities? Then you should buy an umbrella having the USP simplicity of operation. Before hopping onto a crowded bus or while catching a taxi on a rainy day in travel destination, you need to close the umbrella quickly. Similarly, if it starts raining heavily you would not want an umbrella in bag that takes several folds and clicks to be operational!
  • Style reigns- If appearing stylish in every aspect of life is important to you, then your umbrella also needs to look enticing-including the one you use in a vacation. You can buy umbrellas with dazzling designs on fabric and semi transparent fabric based units are also available. They are good at covering you from rain.

Selecting the right Travel Umbrella is important. However, you should buy it from the apt seller. While buying it online, check for replacement policy and free delivery options offered by the store.


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