Stand Out with the Right Advertising


Whether you just started growing as a business or just want to add another level to your advertising campaign, one of your best tools is ribbon. It might sound strange at first, but millions of businesses across Australia utilise ribbons in their advertising. When you ship products, create lanyards, and give out prizes, you have a unique opportunity to spread your brand. The more you put your logo into the world, the more potential clients will recognise it. Adding your company signature to decorative ribbons is a cost-effective way to promote your brand.

When your brand gains recognition, you gain foot traffic and sales as a result. Now that you understand the potential benefits of using ribbon with your business logo, you must understand which ribbon is best. Not just any ribbon is durable and versatile enough to do the job right.

Many, if not all, businesses use grosgrain ribbon for their advertising. This ribbon is extremely durable, long lasting, and adheres to print beautifully. Your logos and advertisements must look bright and professional to help you stand out. Other types of ribbon might fray, fade, or wrinkle over time, detracting from the image you wish to convey.

Why It’s so Strong

Grosgrain ribbon in Australia is known for its unique ribbed appearance. Grosgrain ribbon has a weft that is heavier than the warp. These are fancy terms used to described the thread used in its manufacturing. This difference in weight creates the characteristic, transverse ribs. Grosgrain was chosen last year by millions of businesses due in large part to this marked difference.

Grosgrain ribbon can stand up to a great deal of weight, will not unravel easily, and is aesthetically pleasing to boot. You can purchase it in any PMS colour. In fact, you can give a reputable grosgrain ribbon manufacturer your exact PMS specifications, and they will create ribbon to your liking. This is highly important, considering that many businesses create their own colours unique to their logos.


Grosgrain ribbon is extremely cost-effective, and this is another reason for its popularity. Turnaround for orders is just a few weeks from artwork signoff, making it fast and simple to acquire your order. You can order it in any size you need, from 7mm all the way up to 48mm. This means that you can utilise multiple sizes to suit your marketing needs.

Use 7mm ribbons to tie beautiful bows on business gift packages. 48mm ribbon is perfect for wrapping parcels and larger contents. There is no reason for you to send your products out into the world without your brand placed squarely in view. Reputable Australian companies utilise a screen-printing process designed to provide a beautiful result. Thermal printing is not suited to Grosgrain ribbon, so make sure you look specifically for screen-printing.

It is important to remember that everything from the print colour to the ribbon colour can be made to your specifications, so long as the colours are PMS based. This sort of advertising is an investment just like any other, and you stand to see that investment returned quickly. The more potential clients see your ribbon, the more likely you are to increase your sales. Most businesses choose to utilise ribbon with their brand printed on it because it is so versatile. There are hundreds of different ways in which you can utilise this amazing marketing tool.


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