Makeup Tips for Overweight Girls


Not all of us are of the same standard size. If you are one of those plus size girls, here are a few makeup tips for you. Overweight or not, you can all feel comfortable and present the best of your side to people.

Everything for the the foundation you put to your costumes all worth considering. Designing your own unique is always good for you. It is advisable for you to consult a beauty expert as to how to select a matching style. Getting a suitable hairstyle is a good way to hide the puffiness of your face, so is the proper makeup.

Highlights: Highlighter is a good way to make your face well defined. Do not forget powder and bronzer, they can fix your fat face. Dip in the bronzer with a medium sized brush, and sweep it along your nose, under your jawline, and cross your cheekbones. highlight the above parts will make your face look slimmer.
Lips: Shade your lip with a nude color to make your lip full and natural. Apply red shade or any other bright color is wrong, it will make your lip look as if you have been stung by a bee. Your lip should not stand out too much, as well as your eyes. Using neutral pink or beige color will make your lip look natural.
Eyes: Get a proper eye makeup to highlight your eyes. Apply eyeliner in the corner of your eyes can make your eyes look bigger, and thick mascara can make your eye lashes look thicker and longer. You should be careful about which color of eye shadow you chose. The right color should complement your skin tone.
Hair: Hair is a critical factor that most of us might ignore. A proper haircut could have magic effects on your round face. It will make your round face look longer and thinner. If your face is long, go for a fringe, and if your face is wide, a straight is right for you.

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