Make Feeding Your Child Quick and Simple


Many new and experienced mothers hesitate to purchase a breast pump because they feel that they will not need one. Even if you decide to buy one, you might not know which one fits your needs best. With a breast pump, you can ensure your child has constant access to what he or she needs most. Whether you want a few hours to enjoy some alone time or need to go back to work, your child should never be without milk. For these reasons and more, breast pumps become a part of the breastfeeding experience.

Let Your Partner Help

For many new mothers, the feeling that you must be the one to feed your child can be intense. This is especially true when you choose to breastfeed. This can exhaust you quickly, as babies often experience periods in which they feed often as they go through growth spurts. You deserve some rest, too, and your partner is there to help you do that.

Feeding your baby is one of the many ways you build bonds and love between you and your child. Pumping will allow your partner to share the rewards and responsibilities that this action brings. For tired mothers, this is a blessing in disguise.

At six weeks, babies experience their first growth spurt. This means more frequent feedings and a departure from newborn clothing. Breastfeeding mothers experience the greatest amount of exhaustion at this time in their child’s development as they are forced to stay awake well into the night. If you pump during the day, you can let your partner take over for one or two feedings and catch up on much-needed sleep.

Simple Use and Maintenance

The best breast pump will gently extract your milk without bruising your nipples or removing too much too quickly and causing discomfort. It will also help prevent engorgement and soreness, which are uncomfortable and make feedings difficult. Both hand pumps and electric pumps can do this for you, so buy the product best suited to your needs.

Breast pumps are simple to use and maintain. A gentle dish soap added to water is enough to clean the bottles and any other parts that come in contact with the milk. If you have an electric pump, you can usually roll up any cords and stow it away on a shelf or in a cabinet without difficulty. Hand-held pumps are even easier to clean and put away.

Encourage Milk Production

It is normal for your child to suddenly want less milk for several days only to demand more out of nowhere. To keep your supply steady, a breast pump is your best option. This can also help you increase your production if your child is not satisfied or receiving enough naturally. After feeding, immediately pump. This will tell your breasts that your child is still hungry, and they will begin to produce more milk to keep up with the demand.

The choice to buy a breast pump is yours. Only you know what is best for you and your baby. As you consider your options, remember to look at your situation realistically and think about how you and your child might experience less stress.


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