How to Master the Sports Luxe Trend


What was once hailed as a one-off trend has now been established as a mainstay of the seasons. The sports luxe trend is characterised by the rise in casual trends working their way into everyday attire. Placing emphasis on the luxe side of fashion, sports luxe offers and updated take on everyday sportswear. Normal trousers are replaced with tailored joggers and blazers are replaced with luxe sweaters. Getting this look right is a delicate balance, so follow these simple tips for mastering the sports luxe trend this spring.

Try Tonal

Establish the luxe side of this trend right off the bat by dressing in tonal shades. Stick to neutral colours and then build an outfit with different tones of the same colour. This trend is a natural progression for the sports luxe look, as neutral tones have long been the staples of athleisure wear.

Shop unisex

While men are moving towards more fitted clothing, women are opting for looser trends, so independent fashion brands are meeting these fashion forward individuals in the middle by offering unisex versions of all the basics. Don’t be surprised if you end up sharing clothes with your other half this season as more and more retailers move away from gender divisions.

The new colour block

Graphic printed tees were everywhere in 2016, but 2017 is all about the subtle colour blocking and slogan-emblazoned tees. The raglan t shirt is making a comeback in 2017 in line with this trend. Choose the highest quality you can afford and pair with joggers and your favourite trainers to complete the look. This nod to American streetwear

Curved baseball caps

While 2016 might have been all about the snapback, the sighting of a luxe gold baseball cap on the Gucci SS17 catwalk confirmed that the curved brim baseball cap is all set to make a comeback in 2017. This nod to British streetwear has been seen on the street corners of Britain for the better part of the past two decades, and now it’s getting a luxe update in 2017.

Formal wary?

The hardest part of the sports luxe trend is trying to make it work in a formal setting. The key to making this work is one-part confidence to three-parts subtly. Don’t head into work wearing your entire off-duty wardrobe; instead, opt for one or two sports luxe pieces. Replace your blazer with a bomber jacket or switch out your suit trousers for a structured pair of joggers.


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