Getting a Beautiful Sunglow Skin with Sunless Tanning Products


Tanning skin under the sun has been popular for many centuries now. However, there are certain side effects to exposing your tender skin to bright sun for a long time. For instance, ultra violet rays can damage your skin cells in the short and long term. However, there are a number of tanning products today in the market that let you get the same skin tone with much less effort.

How they work

Most tanning products in the market contain a substance called “dihydroxyacetone” or DHA for short. Technically, it is a sugar with no color that works with the dead cells in the upper layer of your skin. This makes them change their color and give you a tanned look. Here are some of the differences between sunless and suntans:

  • Suntans take longer to form because you have to stay out considerable time to get them
  • Sunless tans take about 3 hours to completely take effect
  • Suntans last for many months, while sunless tans last for a few weeks at the most

Your skin replaces its cells completely about every two months. This means that the dead skin cells that had a tanned color are eventually discarded. Your skin goes back to its normal color. This is why tanning product companies recommend that you use them about once every week, so that your tans last longer.

Types of tanning products

There are a few different types of sunless tanning products, each of them do it differently and have unique effects. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Bronzers: they come in the form of powder, cream and lotions. They only change the appearance of the skin, but don’t change the color internally. They are like a layer of makeup and can be easily removed using soap. Bronzers are more suitable when you want to looked tanned for a particular event.

Tanning lotion and spray: These are the most common ones used, as they contain DHA. Their effects last for a few weeks and they have very few side effects.

About tanning pills

A number of companies offer tanning pills that are also called accelerators. These products contain canthaxanthin, which is a color additive. It is commonly used in small amounts in foods for coloring purposes. Tanning pills are not safe for your skin because they can contain large amounts of canthaxanthin, which can cause damage to the liver and retina among other things.

Safe sunless tanning

Sunless tanning is safe if you take some precautions and avoid common mistakes:

  • If your tanning lotion does not contain sunscreen, then apply it separately when you go out in the sun for a long time
  • Don’t overuse bronzers as they may cause skin problems later
  • avoid tanning pills for the aforementioned reasons

Today’s sunless tanning products are much safer than what they were even 30 years ago. Newer research has resulted in much better lotions and sprays that will give you skin of much better tone. Use them in moderation and you will be fine.

When buying beauty products online, you will need to be a little watchful. Be it products related to dermory for firm breasts, tanning products, or even the moisturizers. Firstly, try to find out information about the ingredients used in them, and also about the companies that are marketing them.


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