Get It Moving in the Water


There is nothing as freeing and easy as surfing in your bikini or swimsuit. With no wetsuit or rash guard to pull on, you head into the water after a short warm-up on the sand. As you paddle out the water rushes around you and then there is the spray, ocean breeze, and ultimate freedom as you take a wave. However, this idyllic scene of simple surfing is often plagued with uncomfortable or embarrassing moments in your bathers.

Problems with Most Bathers

Ladies have long moaned about the moment when you hit the water and your bathing bottoms roll halfway up your backside, or worse, a top or bottom that is ripped off in the surf. While the men are able to take on the Gold Coast and Bali’s breaks without showing more skin than intended, it is often not true for women. The long and short of it is that the design of most bikinis and bathing costumes is for seeing, not surfing.

On the other hand, sports apparel companies have tried for a number of years to break into the business of active swimwear. These companies know what an athlete needs in terms of functionality, but often miss the mark on style and design. Athletic bikinis were made just for performance, but ignored what women wanted in terms of attractiveness and style. What these apparel companies didn’t understand was when it comes to women’s bathers, both style and functionality is necessary. Luckily, Hive Swimwear delivers on both objectives.

New Focus for Active Swimwear

More and more girls and women are proving that they are just as athletic, capable, and determined as the boys. As well, these fierce women are showing that they can definitely keep up on the waves and in the pool. Their swimwear should keep up as well. Hive Swimwear makes bathers that allow women to be active without being worried.

For active women, the shape and material of a bikini truly matters. When you buy a bikini online it needs to have enough coverage on top and bottom to be comfortable while moving and be made of a material that clings to the skin and does not slip and slide in the waves. In the past, the options for these less revealing bikinis were plain and uninteresting. While a simple black bather is a great option, it shouldn’t be the only option active and athletic women have. Women’s swimwear designers agree.

Making Something Pretty

Stripping down to just bathers is difficult for many women. Regardless of size, shape, or athleticism, women often focus on the flaws and imperfections of their bodies. Therefore, taking on the waves is even more difficult when feeling uncomfortable or unattractive in a bikini. Women shouldn’t have to feel this way.

Athletic bathers should be attractive as well. A great pattern or sexy shape allows active women to still feel feminine and beautiful while taking part in the activities they love. Feeling good and looking great makes a day out on the surfboard even more fun.



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