Easy-to-Follow Cosmetics Bag Patterns

Easy-to-Follow Cosmetics Bag Patterns

There’s nothing quite as exciting as new makeup. There’s the hope that your new product will make you look exactly like the best possible version of yourself. However, it can get pricey to buy cute cosmetic bags to store it all. If you’ve ever seen one at the store and thought, “they want how much for that??”, now you can make them yourself thanks to these five easy cosmetic bag patterns.

  1.    No Sew Case

If you’re stuck with a boring canvas clutch bag, transform it into a glammed-up, fab cosmetic bag with just a few easy tweaks. You can use colorful Sharpies or fabric paint to give new life to your bag with fun designs like a rainbow color pattern, palm trees, eyelashes, or polka dots. Bedazzle the case with glued-on rhinestones and glitter, and add a fun key chain to the zipper handle for extra glam. While this isn’t technically a from-scratch DIY project, you’re reusing and recycling and that’s just as awesome.

  1.    Oilcloth Case

If you’re forever having to wash your makeup bags because a powder blush has burst into ten thousand pieces, or a lipstick has painted the inside red, then you’ll love this DIY bag made with slick, stain-free oilcloth. Oilcloth is perfect for storing makeup and skincare products because nothing sticks to the fabric thanks to its vinyl-like texture. It’s also waterproof, so your expensive products are safe inside. Next time your self-tanner explodes, it’s no longer the end of the world!

  1.    Zippered Leggings Case

This cosmetic bag pattern requires nothing but an old pair of zippered leggings. Dig through your closet and get your trusty scissors: simply cut off one leg of the leggings with the zipper, and cut out another section of the leggings. Cut this section into inch-wide strips, and braid three together at a time. Glue the braided sections to your “pouch” (the zippered part you cut off first) with a hot glue gun. Flip pouch inside out, and either glue or sew inside seams together, cutting off the excess fabric. Flip it back again, and you’re done! You can insert a lining to make the pouch more durable, or leave as is.

  1.    Velcro Case

Following one of the above patterns to make a cosmetics bag, you can modify it with a Velcro strip instead of a zipper. You’ll feel nostalgic for the days of Velcro shoes and jackets with this cosmetics bag that’s super easy to open and close, not to mention the satisfying ripping sound of the Velcro separating. This bag definitely requires a bright, fun fabric to match its youthful Velcro vibe, so channel your inner kid at the fabric store and pick the most exciting fabric you see.

  1.    Brush Organizer

For makeup fanatics, there’s nothing more annoying than digging through a dark cosmetics bag for the exact right pencil you need to keep your eyebrows on fleek. This super easy pattern will keep you so organized with brush dividers so you never get frustrated again. Pick a fabric and cut out a large rectangle for your base. Then cut out a smaller rectangles for the pockets (you can use a different fabric to make them pop), and stitch it to the base fabric. Create pocket dividers simply by stitching the pocket layer to the base layer at regular intervals: you can even customize your “bag” for larger items like brush cleaning fluid, or wider brushes. Roll the whole thing up, and you’re done! You can add a ribbon to keep it closed, or leave it as is for easy access. Your brushes and pencils will stay clean and separate so that you can travel like a makeup pro!


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