Christian Movies, Inspirational Material on DVD


When someone mentions the subject of Christian films, books, etc. you may be excused for thinking first about some of the well-known big-budget movies such as the Ten Commandments, the Passion of the Christ, or even Ben-Hur. But these and other commercial ventures are just part of the industry. They represent the popular mainstream sector of studio productions with Christian messages or Biblical stories as the primary content.

There are many other Christian-themed messages, movies, and books available from a wide variety of sources, most of them professionally and expertly produced to be distributed to a large audience. Most of these are the product of individuals who clearly express the Christian message, with a significant growth in the industry in the past two or three decades.

DVD Format

Many people now decide to download this type of material directly from websites online but there are still a large number of sources offering Christian DVD movies for both inspiration and education. Some providers of these high-quality materials have this format as just one part of a much wider ministry with other sectors focusing on physical healing, books, or inner-city missions for children, as well as television programming intended for the Christian audience.

Some individuals have established organisations so widely recognised that they draw thousands, even millions, to a single event. Meetings and focused gatherings are often held in numerous locations, with some offered as healing schools. Conferences may draw thousands of ministers and like-minded individuals from dozens of different nations. In addition, individuals who are interested in acquiring the movies or videos of meetings can visit the extensive website maintained by several leading providers in this field.

They may also visit a website dedicated to an online prayer network that uses social media to deliver messages to Christians around the world. Some of these organisations now distribute materials to more than one million individuals through just one social media outlet with total adherents sometimes numbering in the tens of millions. The network can become quite massive, involving thousands of working individuals who help make the products and services available in dozens of languages.

Variety of Sources

Some of the activities supported and promoted by the well-known organisations in this field not only offer online devotionals and other programs. They also put significant effort into identifying, awarding, and supporting young people from Africa who have shown outstanding leadership qualities. Methods include education, mentoring, and youth empowerment, with many projects helping young people prepare for the future.

When you visit the DVD section of a leader in this industry, you’ll find materials on educating the human spirit, righteousness, and the glory of the Word. If you’d like to have a more-focused DVD, you also have access to one specifically dealing with the Lord’s Prayer or another that looks deeply into the question of What is the Ministry. You may want to look further into such efforts as Believers Loveworld, which has grown to be a leader in these efforts. For education, for inspiration, visit the site today.


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