Choosing The Right Cool Money Clip


Do you lose your money too frequently? Or do you have the tendency to be careless with keeping your money, then you need a money clip but money clips are of different types. You have to deliberately assess your need in order to determine the type of money clip that is best for you. In this article certain important factors that should determine the type of money clip you should go for will be elaborated. Naked Wallet is your number one online store selling durable, stylish cool money clip wallets at affordable pricing.


As with any other product, the quality of the material used in a making a money clip directly determines its cost. There are clips made of premium quality materials, gem stones and precious metals and there are some others made of ordinary common materials like plastic or stainless steel; going by the economic value of these materials, it is only reasonable to expect that money clips made of high quality materials would be much more expensive than clips made of cheap materials. Another factor that would determine the cost of money clips is the brand. Brand identity is key here. Brands recognized as status symbol or those recognized as flagship brands in the industry for apparel, fashion and dress accessory usually differentiate their products using the ‘price’ tool in order to maintain their status as classy brands. If you are the fashion conscious egoistic person, the clips with designer brands are perfect for you. However, you should be prepared to splash the cash to get them. If what you want is just something that would seal the hole in your licking pocket by preventing you from losing your money incessantly, going for money clips that just performs the function effectively well would just be okay


No matter how expensive your money clip is, if it fails in the primary purpose for which it was bought, it’s all sheer wastage; so as much as possible ensure that your money clip would perfectly fit the need . One very common need of money clip users is durability; the most durable money clips are made of strong materials like stainless steel or titanium. If your need is a money clip that makes carrying lots of cash easy for you, then you have to pay attention to size; larger clips are more commodious and would be perfect for carrying lots of cash; if on the other hand you don’t want a money clip that will call attention to your pocket, you may go for a slender one that fits easily into your pocket; there are also clips with a size that allow you stash your bank cards into them.


Allure is a desire for everyone. The color, design and style of a money clip accentuate its aesthetic appeal. You will find money clips of diverse designs and style out there. Compare them and pick the one that suits your fashion sense. Part of the considerations as far as appeal is concerned is how long the material of a money clip maintains its look; some materials lose their shine and aesthetics with time while others keep theirs for longer. Another remote factor when it comes to maintaining the appearance of your money clip is ease of maintenance. Some materials can be easily maintained and others demand meticulous care for example Gold can maintain its hueing sparkling tingles for a long time but it can easily get scratched. To end up with the money clip that would give you utmost satisfaction, it is pertinent that you pay attention to all of these considerations.  .




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