Choosing a Wedding Ring for the Groom


In the wedding industry, it used to be considered easy to shop for men. It was assumed that men essentially didn’t care much about weddings, including their own wedding rings. Well, that has never been true, but it was the perception. Now that perception has been changed. Many men today choose something other than a simple, classic yellow gold wedding ring when they get married. There are two basic considerations for your ring: aesthetics and function.

Ring Aesthetics

Your ring aesthetics matter very much if you are going to wear the ring every day. Most people wear their wedding rings every day, so you need it to look good. It needs to fit your mood and your personality. Depending on your own skin tone, you might want a ring to stand out or to blend in. Some men don’t like their jewelry to stand out against their skin. Others want their ring to be noticeable. So, if you are a fair-skinned person, you might want a ring that is dark. Dark-coloured rings have become very popular recently. Tungsten is one of the most common materials for dark rings. Tungsten is one of the strongest metals in the world; it generally cannot be bent or scratched. That means it will look good forever.

A white gold or platinum ring will be more subtle against fair skin but it will be very noticeable against a darker-skinned person. Furthermore, you need to think about how your ring will look in contrast to your clothes. You can choose a simple as a wedding band or you can choose a ring that has precious stones set into it.

Ring Functionality

Your wedding ring is going to be on your hand for most of the day, so you should consider functionality as well. If you intend to wear your ring every day all day, you need to choose one that can withstand that sort of use. Rings made of gold or silver are more prone to scratching and bending, as those are relatively soft metals that can be damaged through normal use. Fortunately, they’re easy to repair. However, you need to consider that when making your choice. Some alternate metals, such as tungsten, are practically impervious to damage. A tungsten ring cannot be bent or scratched through any normal means. However, that also means that you will have a very difficult time getting it off if it ever gets stuck. it is very difficult to cut through tungsten and very difficult to bend it.

Some men like to visit a Houston jewelry store to try on a few different rings. In fact, some men choose to actually have two rings. They choose to buy a stainless steel wedding band for when they are being active. A stainless steel ring will allow you to still wear a ring but not have to worry about damaging your actual precious metal ring.


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