Acrylic nail design: bright ideas for all occasions


Animal motifs in the form of leopard patterns, unusual bulk flowers, oriental characters and marine elements – from the hands of the craftsman can easily come out any pictures. A little imagination, and nails turn into small work of art. Despite neutihayuschie controversy about the beauty and safety of acrylic, the experiments do not stop, and women boldly go to beauty salons for artificial nails.

Acrylic nail design: not without scandals

Appearance of the nail industry capacity mankind owes dentistry. That is a dentist in the fifties of last century first drew attention to the special properties of the coatings. More than once raised the issue of security used for acrylic nail design materials and chemical elements were scandals metilmetakrilom, many manufacturers had to answer questions about the safety of their products for the human body. Unfortunately, there is scientific evidence that artificial nails are dangerous not only for their mistresses, but for those who are close by. Proved that even the most modern acrylic compounds is often caused by allergic reactions, not to mention metilmetakrile that although he was banned, but still continues to be used to build illegally. On the negative reaction to acrylics than once written media, not so long ago, researchers discovered that one of the reasons for increasing incidence of neonatal nurses are artificial nails, on which the microbes found a cozy haven. However, despite all the warnings of doctors, women can not deny myself the pleasure of having a luxurious manicure and safely substituted into the hands of masters.

Acrylic nail design has a rich history. When the first artificial nails, to create unusual patterns and volume of flowers out of the question. The maximum that could afford manicure – this is to cover the nail plate monochrome finish. With the technological view of the acrylic build-up has changed, new materials, which allowed to experiment.

One of the latest trends in nail-arte is a photo design. Translated from the magazine or photo images, and even portraits of celebrities can be a nice addition to acrylic design, and this took the hip-hop diva Eve Jeffers. The reason for the creation of the original nail polish with a portrait of U.S. President Barack Obama became the Us Weekly party in New York. Michael Jackson, though not the president, but left in the hearts of millions of people their mark. Singer’s fans have decided once more to remember about his idol, remembering him at his nails. Designed with a portrait of Michael not only tell others about musical passions mistresses, but certainly attract attention. Help implement exclusive decorating ideas for nails: rhinestones, appliques, decorative sand. They often enjoyed scandalous Lady Gaga. At its luxurious black nails look original designs in the form of hearts, rhinestones.

Star ideas acrylic nail design


Choice of subjects acrylic design depends on the color of dress, hair and general style, so choose that: bright patterns with sequins or pale pink floral motifs, each woman decides herself. For the courageous women who are not afraid to experiment, the idea may be the most unexpected. Classic jacket with the image on the tip of the nail shades cards tell about passion hostess to gambling, unusual oriental ornaments emphasize the individuality of design with photographic portraits of stars or your own photo to attract attention, marine theme with dolphins and seashells will remind perfectly a summer holiday, War Paint Nails a zebra, lion, ladybug, or even lift your spirits. With original ideas for nail even a boring routine will be slightly brighter and more fun. For example, cheer up “cheesy design. Fingertips with jagged edges and holes look just as good this cheese. Looking for a manicure it seems that just about will be a mouse and be sure to take a bite. If only the owner accidentally torn stockings on their delicious nails.

Hollywood celebrities – fans nails. To look irresistible, they go to the most daring experiments. Singer Rihanna has often surprised his fans and paparazzi original nails. Her nails are painted entirely in yellow, and decorate them with cheerful smiles, the design is executed in bright shades of turquoise, then looks around slyly leopard pattern on a modest tunic. And not so long ago, she literally strewn with its elegant square-shaped nails are small gems. Crazy lace American actress Blake Lively and even luxurious Jennifer Lopez, always been an amazing sense of taste. To create such a manicure just need to lay a fine lace on the nail, and the top cause acrylic gel. As a basis can be used and color, and clear coat. One member of the group Pussycat Dolls Melody Thornton was spotted filming the show For One Night Only with black and red nail polish on sharp nails. Red tips look not only challenging, but even intimidating. This design would be an ideal choice for a vampire.



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