5 Reasons Men Should Start Doing Yoga

5 Reasons Men Should Start Doing Yoga

When you think of yoga, you might think it’s a chick’s activity—all that deep breathing and Zen talk, no thanks! But yoga has more benefits for guys than you might realize: it helps you become a better athlete, a healthier person, and even better in bed (than you already are, of course). Plus, you get to wear awesome and comfortable workout gear, that’s stylish enough to wear out. If you’re still not convinced that men should do yoga, read on to find out why you should unroll your mat and get Downward Dogging.

  1. Improve Athletic Performance

If you play sports, then you definitely should be adding yoga to your workout plan. It’s a great supplement for athletes because it pushes your endurance in ways that cardio and strength training can’t—meaning your athletic performance will subtly improve over time. Yoga teaches you balance and how to sync your breath to movements, making you more coordinated and less likely to injure yourself. Most importantly, every yoga pose works your core, giving you rock hard abs. Oh, and a strong back and stuff.

  1. Get Better at Sex

As wild as this sounds, yoga can make you better at sex. Like, way better. First off, all those stretching poses will increase your flexibility—meaning, some of those tantric sex positions might suddenly become more achievable… Secondly, a yoga class leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. You’ll be more in the mood for sex than say, after an exhausting gym workout. Last, but definitely not least, yoga helps keep you trim and fit and looking good naked.

  1. Relieve Stress

Yoga is an amazing way to relieve stress and anxiety. Men are notorious for their tendency to squash down anxiety and worries, but yoga is a great outlet for guys because there’s zero talking involved. It helps clear your head and relaxes your mind so that you get a break from what’s messing with your mojo.

  1. Increase Strength

Yoga can actually make you stronger than simply lifting heavy free weights alone. As crazy as that sounds, it’s true: yoga works the entire body at once, instead of just focusing on one muscle group at a time (like most gym workouts). It works smaller, supporting muscles that you normally wouldn’t think to train but they’re the muscles that help prevent you from injury and strain. Plus, your workout is way more efficient: instead of wasting time loading weights upon weights onto barbells, you’re already working with a couple hundred pounds of body weight. You get a complete workout in less time and from the comfort of your own mat (no wiping down sweaty gym equipment!).

  1. Improve Heart Health

Let’s face it: guys don’t always eat the healthiest foods in the world. There’s just something about a fresh, juice cheeseburger…Interestingly enough, studies show that yoga can actually lower cholesterol levels, strengthen the heart muscles, and lower the risk of heart disease. This means that just by adding an hour-long yoga class to your workout regimen 2-3 times per week, you’re actively fighting off disease—instead of just bulking up at the gym to impress the ladies. Now that’s adulting.


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