5 Independent Brands Set to Dominate in 2017


The new year brings a wealth of new fashion choices, and the pickings have never been quite so rich! With new independent brands cropping up every day, there is certainly plenty of choice for anyone looking for something a little more unique. While the high street chain stores might be able to cater to the masses, and offer a one-stop shop for the basics, anyone looking to make a statement knows that independent brands at the way to go. Here are the five independent brands you’ll be hearing a lot about in 2017.

Off White

This off label modern fashion brand specialises in street fashion with emphasis on the concepts of branding and youth culture. Led by founder and creative director, Virgil Obloh, this brand artfully bridges the gap between streetwear and high fashion. Often associated with Kanye West and referred to as his right-hand-man or creative director, Obloh has since made a name for himself, opening a Chicago-based men’s boutique named the RSVP Gallery and branching out into womenswear.

Blvck Clothing

This luxury streetwear brand features bold imagery most often associated with religion, death and politics. After a garnering a following of celebrity fans in 2016, the Blvck Clothing range of sweatshirts hats and tees are set to be huge un 2017. Focussing on luxury streetwear with an emphasis on affordability has paid off for this London-based brand.

Criminal Damage

This East London brand embodies everything that the London streetwear scene represents. Founded in 1991, this luxury streetwear brand errs on the dark and moody side of fashion, offering up a range of print tshirts, sweatshirts and skinny joggers in their core range. With a following of famous faces, we expect a lot of people to jump aboard the Criminal Damage bandwagon.

BOY London

Famously loved by the likes of Warhol and Madonna, this quintessential underground brand opened its first shop in the Kings Road in 1976, in the heart of the punk homeland. The brand resurfaced in 2007 with its signature range of printed tees and slogan-emblazoned hoodies. For those looking for a suitably cool and casual off-duty wardrobe, BOY London has it covered.


This London-based brand founded by Sebastiaan Pieter, offers a unique range of men’s staple pieces accentuated by subtle nods to gay culture. Excessive zippers, tongue-in-cheek slogans and plenty of leather and nylon keep these basics on the edgy side of interested.


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